Technical Support
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er accounts and have difficulties being identified by the web site.

When you select Verify Old Account, you will be prompted for your Zip Code and the last four digits of your phone number. Enter those and then click the Submit button. Make sure you use the same phone and Zip as when you logged on and established the account the first time. If you entered your Zip Code with five digits during registration, you'll need to enter it that way again for verification. If you entered it with nine digits, you'll need to enter nine digits again for verification.

The web site will compare this information against its database and try to identify you. If it finds your record, it will update your record with the new unique ID number, reset the cookie on your hard drive and grant you access as you had before.

If it returns an error that it was not able to verify you, you either entered the information incorrectly, or there are more than one account that match these criteria and it cannot make a positive ID. In this case, you need to contact Tech Support at 1-510-794-6850 to get this issue resolved.