Welcome Family Tree Maker User Group Leaders!

For new leaders or existing ones, this online Family Tree Maker User Group in a Box Starter Kit will help you to start a new user group or give you additional resources for your existing one.

Family Tree Maker Meeting Topics & Curriculum

Whether you're just starting a new group or have been at it for some time, this question will come up all the time: What should the group talk about? Some groups use their meeting time for informal discussion. Others prefer to have a more formal presentation with a fixed agenda. We suggest you use two resources for meeting ideas:

  1. The Family Tree Maker Companion Guide
    This guide has 14 chapters and is over 300 pages long with everything you need to know about Family Tree Maker. You can work through the book a chapter at a time or skip around. To access the Companion Guide, go to the Help menu in Family Tree Maker and select "FTM 2019 Companion Guide…"

  2. Facebook: Family Tree Maker Users Group Guides
    The Family Tree Maker Users Group on Facebook provides 14 Guides from "Creating a New Tree" to "Charts" and from "Researching Online" to "Sources & Citations". The number of topics are so extensive, you'll never run out of things to discuss at your meetings.
    Note: This group is private. You will need to ask to join.

Family Tree Maker Collateral Site

Here are plenty of convenient marketing materials for your Family Tree Maker User Group, including:

  1. Logos, Product Images, and More Coming soon!
    Make the Family Tree Maker User Group listing on your society's website look great. Get handy links to downloadable logos, product images, screenshots, standard product descriptions, and much more.

  2. Family Tree Maker Logo Style Guide
    This document provides all the info you need to use and display the Family Tree Maker Logo just right.

Social Media / Facebook

Here are some social media groups that may be of interest for you to join.

Family Tree Maker Product Demos

We have over a dozen videos on everything about Family Tree Maker including a 60 second introduction to Family Tree Maker, a deep dive FTM 2019 overview, the latest on TreeVault Cloud services, short demos on Family Tree Maker Plug-ins, and much more. Watch now...

Product Flyers

For flyers on Family Tree Maker, TreeVault, Family Book Creator, Charting Companion, and more, follow this link.

Special Prices for User Group Members

Each bona fide Family Tree Maker user group can receive a link to a special site where you can send your user group members to order Family Tree Maker at discounted prices. To have one set up for your Family Tree Maker user group, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and our Genealogy Community Ambassador will get back to you.

Free Raffle Copies

A FREE copy of Family Tree Maker ($89.95 value) as a door prize can help bring members out to your user group meeting. Let us know if you’d like to request one in the form below.

Guest Speaker

Our Family Tree Maker ambassadors conduct classes all year long, working with societies in the US and abroad. In virtual presentations we provide a first hand view of what's new with this beloved brand. If you’d like to arrange a guest speaker for your user group, put all the details in the form below.

Get The Word Out: Family Tree Maker User Group Directory

You've got a day and time for your group meeting and your society has posted the info on their site. To further get the word out, and perhaps attract new members, add your meeting details to our worldwide Family Tree Maker User Group directory.

Click here to send us your group's details for posting.

Technical Support

We have three main resources to help you with technical support questions. We suggest that your group and you try them out in the order listed below.

  1. Family Tree Maker Companion Guide
    The Family Tree Maker Companion Guide is a great resource. It's available from the "Help" menu from within Family Tree Maker itself. Help > FTM 2019 Companion Guide. This is always the best first step.

  2. Online Support
    Our online support site ( has extensive information and numerous articles that you can access at any time to learn about Family Tree Maker and resolve almost any issue. Note: We do not offer phone support at this time.

  3. User Group Live Chat Line
    If you've tried the first two resources and still need help, we're available 24/7 to answer any support questions you might have. We've created a special Live Chat link to our Family Tree Maker agents for all User Group members.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want discuss any of the resources above, fill out the form below.

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