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September 8
October 17

FTM 2019 Product Demos, Promotions and More For the New York State Family History Conference!

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It's been thirty years since Family Tree Maker was born and it's only fitting that we introduced a new edition that takes this grand old brand to places its original creators could only have dreamed of. Where every change you make to your tree on your Mac or PC can be instantly and automatically viewed from any smartphone or tablet. Where you can turn back time to erase mistakes you made even a thousand changes ago. Where you can arrange for your tree to be passed on to a relative of your choice along with your Family Tree Maker license to ensure your legacy lives on. That's just a small part of the new world of Family Tree Maker.

FTM 2019 On-Demand Demos


Meet Family Tree Maker in 60 Seconds: This is the same video posted in our booth, but we've put it here as well, if you haven't seen it yet. Watch now...


Family Tree Maker Overview: Mike Bollinger presents an overview of Family Tree Maker, the world's leading family history software for more than thirty years. Great for beginners or as a refresher for more experienced users. Watch now...

With TreeVault, Family Tree Maker is no longer an isolated desktop application, but rather the hub of a growing ecosystem of mobile apps and cloud services.

TreeVault Overview: Get the scoop on what TreeVault is all about and what's next. Watch now...

Want more info on the specific services in TreeVault? Check out this starting lineup. (New services will be added over time.)

Family Tree Maker Connect: View changes in your FTM tree in realtime on a smartphone or tablet, and learn about the upcoming improvements in family history research collaboration. Watch now...

Next of Kin®: Designate a successor to your TreeVault Account to pass along your family tree. Watch now...

Historical Weather®: Know what the weather was like the day your grandfather was born. Watch now...

Emergency Tree® Restore Service: Sleep better knowing that an up to date copy of your tree is securely tucked away in the cloud. Watch now...

Getting Started with TreeVault: You've seen the TreeVault demos above and are ready to begin using it. This demo shows you how to get set up in under three minutes. Watch now...

Speaker Bio

NYSFHC 2022 Speakers
Mike Bollinger

Mike Bollinger teaches a course at the Society of Genealogists in London, and is considered one of the most knowledgeable Family Tree Maker instructors in the UK. Originally from Canada, Mike now lives in the UK and has a wealth of experience in family history research using the Family Tree Maker program.

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