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Family Tree Maker
With TreeSync you can keep your tree up-to-date no matter where you are. Access and share your family tree from any computer—even your iPhone or iPad.
Family Tree Maker for Mac
Millions of people with PCs have used Family Tree Maker to discover, preserve and share their family stories. Now Mac users can too.
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Family Tree Maker Products
Now you can update your tree from anywhere using Family Tree Maker with TreeSync™.
Family Tree Maker 3
Get the newest Mac version, packed full of powerful, time-saving features.
Customer Testimonials

"I have used Family Tree Maker for years and find each new edition includes valuable enhancements for the genealogy researcher. It has been a necessary tool in my collection and organization of family information: I now have more than 12,000 family members in my genealogy file. Family Tree Maker has made it easy for me to create a family history book. I could not be where I am in my genealogy research without this indispensible resource to aid my research."

- William Bryan