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Family Tree Maker 2010 - Program Updates
Service Pack 1 contains a number of user requested and reported updates and fixes.

The following fixes and updates are included in this service pack

  1. Improved Relationship Calculator
  2. Greater control over hinting
  3. Improved data and formatting in reports
  4. Improved support for GEDCOM, PAF and Legacy import
  5. And much more...
Click here for a more detailed view of the enhancements and bug fixes included in this service pack.

Enhancements and New features for Family Tree Maker 2010:

  • The relationships calculator has been fixed. Direct-line relationships now take precedence over less direct lines.
  • New option has been added to turn tree hints off, and only get hints from records. This is now a check box in the Options dialog.
  • The problem with over-hinting on census records already attached to a family has been fixed. For example, if a person already has census records attached to their tree on, and then downloads their tree into Family Tree Maker, they won't get new hints for census records they've already attached.
  • The patch will eliminate hints from one's own online tree within the program. So users will not see hints to trees that are owned by the username associated with their registration name on Family Tree Maker.
  • Sources in downloaded Ancestry Family Trees now link back to sources online and have the ability to download the image directly from the source into Family Tree Maker.
  • Fixed a number of data and formatting issues with the Genealogy Reports including:
    • Dates missing and incomplete sentences on alternate facts
    • Relationship facts showing up for both husband and wife
    • Birth/death facts of spouse not showing in Genealogy reports narrative
    • Missing "she" pronoun in genealogy reports narrative on 2nd generation
    • Blank space was being added after 2nd spouse's name in Register report
    • Short biographies of children without children don't display spouse and marriage info.
    • Spouses showing incorrect numbering in Register report
  • Other report fixes including:
    • Marriage dates show up on incorrect spouse in the Outline Descendant Report
    • Fact notes in Family Group Sheet not displaying correctly
    • Cannot save Family Group Sheet with alternate spouse selected
    • Data Errors report incorrectly reported "marriage dates before spouse's death"
    • Data Errors report errors being duplicated when more than one spouse exists
  • Fixed problem where media items and timeline reports appear blank in book preview.
  • Added prompt to notify user when adding a media item with the same name as existing media.
  • Improved support for Unicode characters in GEDCOM import.
  • PAF and Legacy file import improvements.
  • Fixed problem where Resolve Place Name tool pre-selecting county level instead of city.
  • Fixed problem with product shut-down when using 120 DPI and large fonts in charts.
  • Fixed problem with "copy-and-paste" source citations so that ratings are retained.
  • Fixed problem where renaming a book was not updating the book properties.
  • Fixed problem where category was lost when linking to a media item from a person.
  • Fixed problem where Web pages were not being archived when using the Web clipping tool.
  • Support added for import of GEDCOM 5.5.1.
  • Fixed problem where family panel non-preferred parent selection was loading preferred relationship in pedigree.
  • Fixed problem where program was shutting down due to corrupted stored hints in Web Search.
  • Fixed problem where media files are being downloaded with the ".tmp" file extension.
  • Media items merged in from Ancestry now have a more readable name.
  • Fixed problem with extra pages being printed when using A4 paper size.
  • Fixed problem where first item in place list is selected instead of selected place.
  • Fixed problem with program shutting down when 7 generations are showing in the pedigree view.


  1. Connect to the Internet.
  2. Start Family Tree Maker 2010.
  3. You should receive a notification that an update is available. Click the "Update" button.
  4. Run the .exe file.

Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 users may need to complete the following additional steps to auto-install the update

  1. Close Family Tree Maker if it is open.
  2. Right-click the shortcut for Family Tree Maker 2010 and select "Run as administrator."
  3. You will be asked to confirm that FTM.exe should have rights to access the computer. Click "Allow."
  4. The notification that an update is available should appear at this time. If not, please complete the remaining steps listed below.
    1. Click the "Help" menu item at the top of the program.
    2. Click "Check for Updates…"
    3. The program will check for an update and notify you if one is available.
  5. If no notification is displayed then please do a manual install as described below

To manually install the service pack

  1. Close Family Tree Maker
  2. Download the patch here (.zip or .exe)
  3. Unzip the file (if the .zip file is downloaded)
  4. Run the .exe file
Please note: When installing the executable patch, you may be asked to locate the file to patch. You can select either the Family Tree Maker shortcut located on the desktop or the ftm.exe file which should be located in the C:\Program Files\Family Tree Maker 2010 folder.

To verify that the update worked do the following

  1. Open Family Tree Maker 2010
  2. Click the "Help" menu item at the top of the program
  3. Click "About Family Tree Maker…"
  4. On the Product Information tab there is a version number. If the update was successful the version number will be
  5. If no notification is displayed and your product version number is not then please do a manual install as described above
Technical support is also available. See our contact page for support options.